Why Ascent?

At Ascent Healthcare Group, we have chosen to pursue a different course in the traditional world of healthcare management consultation - one focused not only on fixing today’s problem, but helping you uncover tomorrow’s opportunity. A course founded on breaking down barriers, promoting operational transparency in the pursuit of quality patient care, and addressing the wellness of your full organization as well as the immediate pain of a specific problem.

Most of all, we want to help your organization reduce or eliminate the expensive complexity created by too many systems and too little communication.

Our consultant team is drawn from only the most experienced managers of Epic Enterprise implementation and optimization projects. However, we do not require you to sign your implementation over to us simply to overcome a minor Epic challenge. Large tasks or small, we strive to be an agile and flexible partner in your progress through the Epic world, ready and able to fill the gaps in any major Epic implementation.

In addition to a comprehensive list of Epic certifications and a strong track record, Ascent offers extensive experience with healthcare systems of all types across the country, including multi-hospital systems, community, academic/teaching and pediatric hospitals. This enables our consultants to serve as lead analyst, project manager, testing coordinator, reporting lead or any other crucial role that your organization needs to fill effectively and reliably.

Healthcare is changing, and we believe that the best path to scaling that mountain of change is the one that travels through lucidity, organizational visibility, adaptability and trust. That’s why we chose to call ourselves Ascent - because we want to help you make that journey to the top.

Does your healthcare organization need help confronting and overcoming the challenges of change? Let’s make that climb together.

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We Are Hiring

Ascent Health Care Group is currently seeking experienced, energetic consultants to join our team. Applicants should be motivated self-starters, have a proven industry track record and industry knowledge, and be flexible enough to creatively tackle tough problems.

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Quality over Quantity

Better. Not simply more.

Throughout the American healthcare industry today, quality is driving change: the transition from fee-for-service to overall wellness, a growing focus on long term benefits, and an expanding emphasis on excellence in the institutions, organizations and technologies that deliver medical care…

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