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In this unique industry, elements of collaboration often stand side by side with moments of individuality. At Ascent, we embrace both sides.

Our consultants are deeply independent and we encourage them to be strong individuals. We believe that satisfied individuals lead to better consultants, so we encourage our staff to achieve their personal goals while they pursue their professional ambitions. Whether that means a walking tour of Central and South America, or leading a charitable foundation in the nation’s capital, our consultants are successfully well rounded and fulfilled people.

We pride ourselves on the willingness to make the controversial statement or the unpopular choice. The value Ascent provides is based on our ability to not only agree with our clients when they are making the right choice, but to disagree with them when they are making the wrong one. We are not afraid to stand behind our opinions and to back them up with experiences and evidence. When a final decision is made – whether we agree or not – we will always put all of our effort towards making that call a success, and to reaching the best project outcomes.

We are a young team. In such a change-driven industry, we like to think of that as an advantage, as it allows our consultants to offer the most innovative ideas available today without preposition or bias towards outmoded and outdated strategies. In youth, we find excitement and drive. We enjoy finding new solutions, offering previously unconsidered recommendations, and facing obstacles that challenge us and make us think.

Most of all, we believe that a strong team is made of empowered individuals, working together effectively for common cause. If that philosophy sounds like a good match for your organization – or if you would like to join our team as an Ascent consultant – contact our offices today. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals, both professional and personal.

We Are Hiring

Ascent Health Care Group is currently seeking experienced, energetic consultants to join our team. Applicants should be motivated self-starters, have a proven industry track record and industry knowledge, and be flexible enough to creatively tackle tough problems.

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Why Ascent?

At Ascent Healthcare Group, we have chosen to pursue a different course in the traditional world of healthcare management consultation - one focused not only on fixing today’s problem, but helping you uncover tomorrow’s opportunity. A course founded on breaking down barriers, promoting operational transparency in the pursuit of quality patient care, and addressing the wellness of your full organization as well as the immediate pain of a specific problem…

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