Operational Engagement & Analytics

An Epic implementation is much more than an IT project - it is a collaborative transformation, at its most effective when the goals of project teams, executive management and medical care providers are properly aligned. To receive the most value from your new EMR platform, your organization must harmonize its strategic goals with the operational output of both clinical and revenue cycle end users. Ascent Healthcare can help.

With our Operational Engagement services, Ascent consultants can help analyze the effectiveness of your organization, identifying critical areas where workflows can be optimized and Epic can better integrate into clinical and back office processes. Utilizing detailed metrics and management analysis best practices, Ascent can show you how to leverage Epic best to enhance patient care, boost revenue and improve clinical documentation.

Don’t navigate into Epic without a plan to orientate yourself. Ascent can help you develop a comprehensive strategy for success at any point in your implementation process, whether in the early planning stages or in pursuit of a post-live opportunity.

Why Ascent?

At Ascent Healthcare Group, we have chosen to pursue a different course in the traditional world of healthcare management consultation - one focused not only on fixing today’s problem, but helping you uncover tomorrow’s opportunity. A course founded on breaking down barriers, promoting operational transparency in the pursuit of quality patient care, and addressing the wellness of your full organization as well as the immediate pain of a specific problem…

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