Implementation Support

Successfully implementing an Epic EMR software project demands complex planning, careful task coordination and a delicate attention to critical details. Highly experienced in solving the challenges involved with Epic implementations, Ascent Healthcare Group offers support services including:

  • Complete Epic project planning and execution management
  • Staff augmentation and Epic team lead support
  • Risk mitigation planning and program execution
  • Providing best practice methodologies for compliant change management
  • Direct support and consulting for Epic applications
  • Provide input on documentation management best practices

In addition to team-based implementation support, Ascent also offers:
  • Integrated Area Leadership
    Epic is a very large, complex and feature-rich EMR, and is very rarely installed and utilized to its full potential. Don’t leave large portions of your Epic functionality underutilized and undervalued: our consultant specialties include training, reporting/extracts, users and security, testing, EAPs, integrated charging, downtime and printing. Ascent can help your organization integrate Epic to realize its complete value.
  • Functional Leadership and Mentoring
    Technology is only ever as useful as the human beings who use it. In addition to staff augmentation, Ascent consultants are available to help train and mentor Epic team members to foster effective communications, integrate your EMR, configure software to maximize speed and accuracy, and to master Epic workflow design and process engineering using industry best practices.

Whether your organization needs assistance in Epic install planning or simply a qualified replacement for a lost team member, Ascent consultants offer the crucial skill sets necessary for keeping your project on schedule.

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